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Marketing done right during corona crisis

Published on: 06/04/2020

Also during the corona virus, it is important to continue to invest in marketing. But how do you do that if everyone has to stay in their houses and if you have to close the company doors yourself? These companies have already set a great example.

Corona campaigns to remember

The importance of (digital) presence during the corona crisis cannot be underestimated. We already brought that up in the previous blog, where we also gave some tips on how you can fight Corona digitally.

Because it doesn’t always have to be negative, we searched for some nice marketing campaigns from companies in these difficult corona times.

Netflix - 'The Spoiler Billboard'

The Netflix campaign deserves credit. They focused on the many lockdown parties and all the people who didn’t stay in, despite the corona threat.

The solution? Spoilers. Spoilers from the favorite series of the Netflix viewers. When they leave their houses, they will see billboards with all kinds of spoilers from Stranger Things, Narcos or La Casa De Papel and many more.

Ikea - 'Stay Höme'

At Ikea they can give their marketing department a compliment or 10. With “Stay Höme” they offer a so-called product that you have to build yourself.

Requirements: 1 key, 1 lock and 100 rolls of toilet paper. Message: Stay at home, with a funny link to all the hoarders looking for their countless rolls of toilet paper.

Nike - 'Now is your chance'

One of the first campaigns to go viral was one of Nike. It was widely shared on Twitter and it was also picked up very often elsewhere.

‘If you even dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance’.

‘Play inside, play for the world’.

Nike responds to the sense of togetherness, a sense of responsibility, with a link to the dream of many athletes: “to play for a large audience”.

McDonald's - 'Separated for a moment to always be together'

McDonald’s opted for social distancing. The world famous McDonald’s ‘M’ was simply put apart. A small action with a big message.

Domino's - 'Stay home. We deliver.'

The (pizza) couriers experience extremely busy days during these times. Also at Domino’s they had to close their doors, but their home delivery was also one of their great assets before.

With their video campaign, they emphasize the empty streets filled with their pizza couriers. Stay home. We deliver, is their slogan.

Burger King - 'Stay Home'

Burger King has also launched some marketing campaigns during the corona crisis. We picked the simplest, but according to us, the nicest. Burger King is known as the “Home of the Whopper”. Their most famous burger.

They simply deleted the last 3 words and with “Stay” above them, they show today’s global message: “Stay Home”.

Audi - Keep Distance

Audi focuses on social distancing. They handle it simple, but fun. Comparable to the action of McDonald’s. The rings to represent the Audi logo have been taken apart and placed at a safe distance from each other. ‘Keep Distance’.

Nissan - 'A Safety Driven Lifestyle’

As a car brand it is difficult to encourage people to stay inside. You want to lure them to your garage and then send them onto the roads. Nissan tackled it nicely by presenting the interior of the car as a cosy home.

With the slogan “A Safety Driven Lifestyle” Nissan also makes a nice link with the safety of the car and the safety of just staying at home during these times.

Jeep - 'Off Road, In House'

Just like Nissan, Jeep also focuses on staying at home. We see a garage through the eyes of the known grille on the bumper of Jeep. “The best view for these days”. With their tagline “Off Road. In House.” It makes the funny link that a garage is also supposedly off road.

Volvo - 'On The Road For Everyone'

Volvo tackles it differently than Nissan. They focus on transport, on their employees who still go on the job.

In a video, called “On The Road For Everyone”, it is shown how supermarkets are still getting provided, thanks to their trucks.