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Fienix BV
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VAT: BE 0743.386.323
What our clients think

The most important thing for us was to work together with accessible people. Our knowledge about webshops was very limited. That’s why we needed people who could make something beautiful out of it, but who could also explain it to us in ‘normal’ language. Besides that, their after-service was on point. No question was too much and they always answered our questions immediately and clearly!

An Van Dessel & Catherine Linotte - Guts & Goats
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I am very impressed with Fienix’s online marketing expertise and how passionate they work. The first collaboration we had was great. I look forward to the next one!

Yannick De Decker - iFacto
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Fienix is ​​always ready to help and they always deliver top results. We strive for innovation ourselves and Fienix is ​​our ideal partner.

Marc Liebert - Architectenassociatie ARAS
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These men definitely had to be patient with us as a customer! Yet they did not let themselves be discouraged and once our project could start, they went for it for 100%. Do you want a customized website by young guys who listen to what you want? Then be sure to contact them!

Yannick Sen - 't Leesboetiekske
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Blessed! We are very happy with the personal approach and with the full custom website they developed. Thank you so much for exceeding our expectations.

Kristof Van Vlasselaer - Tuinaanleg Van Vlasselaer
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At Fienix they don’t just make a website, they create an online system and platform that organically delivers the desired result. I’m very satisfied with their quality and service and I’m looking forward to our next projects together.

Sonja Siereveld - CEO Assurinyo Finance, investment banking
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Awesome! Fienix really didn’t lie about their results. We are really happy that we chose them as our digital partner to boost our business.

Lodewijk David - LDA
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